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HVES - My Day at School

As a member of the Happy Valley Elementary School year book committee I got to spend a whole day with a few of my own little people and their classmates!

I got to sit through riveting lessons in Social Studies, and Math. Then I followed along as the kids spent time in the library, the computer lab (these kids are immersed in technology at HVES) and I even got to watch an intense game of floor hockey! I was so impressed by what I saw throughout my visit. Everywhere I went in the school there were parent volunteers working one-on-one with students on reading evaluations (something my son calls a DIBBLES...?) In every classroom, I saw students using laptop computers and iPads along with traditional books, scissors, construction paper and paste. The lessons I sat through were engaging. The faculty treated the children with respect, and this was reciprocated in kind by the students. This was NOT the elementary school experience that I had as a child! I'm more than a little envious of my own kids. Only one thing seems not to have changed, and that is the SMELL of elementary school cafeteria; a veritable potpourri of assorted sandwiches, chips, and gravy!

I'm providing pics for the year book and here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.

If you are a parent of student in 3rd grade (Norton or Navarro) or in any of the 4th-5th grade classes (especially Rohner or Granato) you can see all the pics and purchase downloads or prints in this full gallery. Please contact me for the password.  Also, if you are the parent of one of the students featured here and you wish for me to remove the pic please let me know ASAP.