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HVMS - The Rest of My Day at School

After spending the morning at the Happy Valley Elementary School I headed down the hall to the Happy Valley Middle School office to pick up my visitors pass for the second half of the day. 

First stop: LUNCH!

The first thing I noticed was that the elementary schoolers were much more willing to ignore the camera than the more street-smart middle schoolers. It seemed to be everyone's goal to "photo bomb" every shot I took. Of course, it would have worked out better for the would-be photo bombers had they not employed the Gru "Freeze Ray!" method of photo bombing... I'm just sayin', you might have better luck photo bombing if you don't shout, "Photo bomb!" before every attempt...

"Freeze Ray! Er... Photo bomb!"

One of only a few successful photo bombs, despite approximately 103 attempts by 87 different students... :)

Some students love the camera, others hate the camera, and still others pretend to hate the camera while secretly hoping to show up all over the year book. I had a good time wandering the cafeteria and the hallways, embarrassing the kids I know, and then it was time to head off to class.

I attended part of two separate English classes (where I embarrassed my own daughter), I hung out with the beginning band, we turned blue liquid brown in chemistry class with the CO2 in our breath, I cut class with the vice principal, and then watched a huge game of volleyball in gym class. If I ever wake up from one of those terrible dreams where I've gone back and started school all over again and find that it has really happened, I hope my school redo is done today here in Happy Valley instead of back in the 80s! HVMS does it right!

Another rare bombing success... Sometimes subtlety is key.

Anyway, I had a great time capturing a day in the life of these middle schoolers and I'm optimistic the year book committee will find plenty of pics they can use.

If you are a parent (or student) and wish to view the rest of the photos please contact me for the password to the gallery which you can find HERE. All the pics are available to purchase as HQ prints or downloads. Facebook quality downloads are available free to students.

Here is a selection of my favorite shots. Until next time, please don't run in the hallways, get to class on time, and remember to plug in all the laptops and iPads before you leave the classroom.