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Sugar - In Concert - Esker Point 2012

I finally got around to processing a few more photos from this past summer. On July 19th I saw Sugar in concert at Esker Point Beach for the third year in a row. Once again the band did not disappoint!

My photo gallery from last year's concert is probably my personal favorite of all my work. And, while I don't know that this year's gallery is up to the same standards as last year I do like it a lot. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the 2012 Sugar concert. Enjoy!

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A great venue for a concert!



This drum stick has seen its last concert



Most (but not all) of the fans were thrilled by the loud, upbeat music.




Israel recognized me because of my photos from last year.

Don and Shelley drew a crowd of their own when they showed off their cha-cha skills during a brief intermission.




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Ticket to Ride - In Concert - Old Lyme - 2012

I just happened across the Ticket to Ride concert in Old Lyme last year, to my surprise and delight. This year, however, we arrived on time and on purpose!

The annual Beatles concert was presented by Koffee Works of Old Lyme and took place outside their shop under a beautiful sunset. Ticket to Ride has had a good year so far. They appeared on the local Fox affiliate and they are rumored to have spent quite a bit of time in the studio of late (fingers crossed that their laying down tracks for an album). It seems like that work in the studio is paying dividends. These boys from Liverpool have really tightened up their harmonies and polished up their chords! They sounded fantastic and they once again had this crowd twisting and shouting over and between the painted lines of the bank parking lot late into the evening.

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A Little More Sugar

A while back I posted a brief concert review along with a gallery of photos from the Sugar concert that I attended at Esker Point Beach. They are some of my favorite concert pictures and I even submitted a few of them in fair photography competitions this past fall with some success. Well, this week the band came across my blog post and photos online. I guess they liked what they saw because I am now featured on the brand new Sugar Band event website in their official photo gallery, and in the reviews section. There's even a link to my blog under vendors! I have to admit, it's a slick looking site and I am flattered to be included on it!

Who knows? I may even get a chance to photograph the band again sometime soon, this time by invitation!

Part of my concert review on the Sugar site... Looks pretty official, eh?

One of the many shots I posted before

The color version of the shot Israel picked for the background of my quote
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LOLMS - Harmony In the Middle Concert

The LOL Middle School closed out the school year in style last June. One of the classy events of the final weeks of the year was the Harmony in the Middle Concert. Bands, choruses, soloists, and duets performed in a concert held in the beautiful new school courtyard. Parents, students and faculty gathered together to enjoy food, conversation, and great musical entertainment. Hopefully this was not a one-and-done event. I'd love to see it become a lasting tradition!

While most parents sat and watched the concert, the students mostly mingled near the refreshment tables.

The Flute Section


Every middle school band should have a bass player


Mrs. Wind



Yes, we see you!

Saxophone at Dusk

Sundown closed the concert
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SayWHAT? - In Concert - Sailfest 2011

After the Irish bands and bagpipes finished up their Friday night concerts at Salifest, a younger band with a much edgier look and sound took the stage on the Custom House Pier. SayWHAT? is a rock band from Chester, CT.

I saw these guys setting up after the Clan O'Cleary concert and was thinking of calling it a night due to the intermittent rain that was giving no sign of clearing up. I wandered up to the train station wondering what was happening on the other stage. What was happening? Nothing. I mean, there was a bevy of young Ford reps showing off the new line of Focus, but there were no bands on stage. It seemed most people were in hiding. So, I took a few Ford trinkets (free backpack for the kids!) and headed back down Bank Street past all the dark vendor tents, deciding to call it a night before it really started pouring.

By the time I got back to the train tracks near the waterfront, however, I could hear SayWHAT? really rocking the end of the pier. So, instead of heading back to my car to get out of the rain I found myself drawn back out to hear the last 20 minutes of the show. In the end I really didn't regret the extra walk or the extra rain because it turned out to be one heck of a good show!

There was intermittent rain falling through most of their set but that didn't keep the die-hard fans from enjoying the show with or without umbrellas. There were even a few that were throwing their hands up and dancing like they were at a club. By the end of the concert there was a break in the rain. Then the wind picked up and started dumping water off of the stage awning with every gust. This kept everyone on their toes, especially a certain guy with a camera that was skulking around under the edges of the awning hiding from the wet...

So, what to say about the band... The first thing you notice about SayWHAT? has to be the huge Afro that their guitar player, Ryan Newman, lugs around atop his sizable frame. Lead vocalist, Grace Carver, more than holds her own on some power rock anthems. The rest of the band is right there, as well, pumping out a serious wall of sound. Then Ryan channels the power of the 'fro' or Jimi or something because he lays down a blistering guitar solo that makes your ears start to bleed just a little and you start to wonder if these guys can possibly be as young as they look!

Catch one of their shows if you get a chance! And, check out the pics of the band, below.

SayWHAT? did not go unnoticed by anyone in the vicinity of the waterfront. Even the deaf *felt* their music!

Sometimes a mosh pit of one is all you need...

Note the water blowing off the awning...

L to R: Alex Socci - Rhythm Guitar, Grace Carver - Lead Vocalist, Justus Doane - Bass Guitar

Alex Stocci

The Afro and his Ryan Newman

Ryan and Justus

Grace Carver

Carlin Morris - Drummer, Animal, Comic Relief, Not a fan of cameras...

Sugar - In Concert - Esker Point 2011

Sugar put on one of the capstone performances of the Summer SoundWaves Concert Series, and they really packed the beach with fans again this year. (You can visit the band Facebook page here.)

I saw Sugar perform last year and was really looking forward to seeing them again. Apparently I was not alone. The line to board the shuttle bus stretched down the sidewalk and around the corner of Fitch High School. I debated walking the two miles but wisely decided to wait it out. Once on board the standing-room-only short-bus the higher volume of traffic resulted in a much longer bus ride down to the beach than usual. It was well worth the wait, however, as Sugar put on another great show!

The crowd was treated to energetic dance hits, beautiful beach weather, a bit of Zumba, and an engaging and crowd-pleasing performance all around. The kids packing the stage with the band for the closing number 'Don't Stop Believing' seemed to be having the time of their lives. (Unfortunately, not everyone who wanted to dance with the band was able to make it up on stage...)

I can't wait until next year's show!

Breathtaking Evening on the Beach

My favorite crowd shot.
(This one won a ribbon at the Guilford Fair photography competition!)

Ian Kelly - Drums, Andy Chaney - Bass, and Klyph Johnson - Sax

Natalia Mortrude - Vocals

Scott Boland - Guitar, Marcy Kelly - Vocals, Israel Malek - Keyboards

Ian and Klyph - Cool in Shades

Klyph on Sax


If the sand pit was crowded for the first half of the concert, it was PACKED for the second half which started with a couple of intense Zumba numbers.

Slide! I took my life in my hands to get this shot from amidst a Zumba-crazed frenzy...

Zumba for the People!

Crowds of Adoring Fans

Israel - A Concert Done Well

Sign Me!

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Celticity - In Concert - Sailfest 2011

Celticity is another great Irish band that performed on Friday, July 8 2011 at Sailfest. I arrived a bit later than I wanted so I only caught the last couple of songs they played but they sounded great. Celticity warmed up the stage for the New London Firefighters Pipes and Drums and they were, in turn, followed by Clan O'Cleary.

Phred Mileski - Voice, Psaltery, Accordion, Bodhran Drum, Percussion

Phred Mileski, Sylvie Harris (guitar), and Megan Sweeney (flute)

A very young fan of Celticity

New London Firefighters Pipes and Drums warming up with a few pints

Phred stuck around for the Clan O'Cleary concert and practiced some ballroom dancing with a pro dance instructor that just happened to be in the crowd, as well.

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Clan O'Cleary - In Concert - Sailfest 2011

Each year Sailfest boasts some fantastic entertainment in various locations around New London. Custom House Pier has been the home to several different Irish bands on Friday night over the past few years. This year Clan O'Cleary took the stage in front of a bit smaller crowd than usual, probably due to the impending rain storm. Those that braved the weather (it did end up raining quite a bit) were treated to a fine performance! Since the only escape from the rain was right up next to the stage I got lots of close-ups of this great band.

This was also the first big batch of photos that I every processed in Adobe LightRoom (along with the Tall Ship Gazela photos from the same evening). As you can see from the gallery I made liberal use of one of the black and white treatments and a split tone treatment that yields a high-contrast sepia tone image. So far I'm very happy with the results I've been able to get with this new tool.

Clan O'Cleary plays a variety of instruments

Hands of Richard Hawkes - Drums

Steve Cleary - Guitar, Mandola, banjo, voice

Mike Corman - Celtic harp, recorders, guitar, voice

The steady drizzle didn't slow down the band or the stalwart crowd of fans. It did send me to the cover of the stage awning with my camera, though.

Albert Yost - flute, irish whistle, fife's, concertina (squeeze box)

Denise Yost - Violin

Clan O'Cleary with the Gazela in the Background

Denise loses the hat for better lighting

I presume that's the "squeeze box" Albert's playing

Cleaning up to make room for the next band

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Never Enuff - In Concert

Never Enuff played in concert at Esker Point Beach on July 28, 2011 as part of the annual Summer SoundWaves Concert Series. It was a beautiful night and the concert drew a pretty lively crowd.

These guys really know how to rock! They played a mix of classic dance rock cover songs. Lead singer Mick Marra demonstrated a powerful voice that was equally at ease belting out AC/DC or any of the several more contemporary hits on the set list. The crowd got involved and the show had fans of all ages screaming and dancing with their hands in the air. By the end they had a stage full of kids (I think one of the guitar amps actually got shut off when a kid stepped on a switchboard) and there were people wearing Never Enuff bumper stickers in all sorts of creative places (not sure that was the intent, but folks were sure having fun...) One of their last songs was entirely dedicated to teaching the rising generation the careful art and discipline of head banging!

Once again, I took too many photos, deleted most of them, and still ended up with a huge gallery of pics. I processed them all in one evening in LightRoom and was pretty happy with the results. Here's a link to the full gallery along with my favorite shots from the evening. Do you have a favorite?

Sunset Concert

Dave Siswick plays like he means it!

Jen Hebert - Rumor has it the band found her working in a restaurant wearing a guitar pick for a necklace...

Joe Goddard on drums

Tipsy hoopers daring me to take their picture...
Yeah, I dared.
"It's easier to hoop when I'm not drinking," he told me right after I snapped this.

Jami's Gorgeous Green Guitar

Head Bangin'

Jami Blackwood on guitar. Probably my favorite guitar picture to date.

Jami and Jen Over Cymbals

Mick Marra

Never Enuff

Jen on the Bass Guitar

Last One For this Post...
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Ticket to Ride - In Concert

Quite a crowd gathered in front of Koffee Works in Old Lyme this past Saturday evening to watch Ticket to Ride, Connecticut's premiere Beatles tribute band. These mop tops put on a great show! Also, my neighbor Dave plays George, which is pretty cool. As usual, I took too many pictures and then processed them in Adobe LightRoom. Let me know which one's you like. Also, check out the band website at tickettoridect.com.

Beatles through the Koffee Works window

Over the hedge

A four-legged fan and her(?) person

In case the band loses track of which guitar cases belong in their van...

Ringo loves peace

A great way to spend a summer evening

The show included a costume change at intermission

There was some twisting and shouting going on in the audience

I wasn't the only photographer there


True fans


Another four-legged fan

More fans

George (my neighbor) and John. George can really wail on that guitar!

They have a few instruments to choose from.
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