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Sugar - In Concert - Esker Point 2012

I finally got around to processing a few more photos from this past summer. On July 19th I saw Sugar in concert at Esker Point Beach for the third year in a row. Once again the band did not disappoint!

My photo gallery from last year's concert is probably my personal favorite of all my work. And, while I don't know that this year's gallery is up to the same standards as last year I do like it a lot. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the 2012 Sugar concert. Enjoy!

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A great venue for a concert!



This drum stick has seen its last concert



Most (but not all) of the fans were thrilled by the loud, upbeat music.




Israel recognized me because of my photos from last year.

Don and Shelley drew a crowd of their own when they showed off their cha-cha skills during a brief intermission.




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Never Enuff - In Concert

Never Enuff played in concert at Esker Point Beach on July 28, 2011 as part of the annual Summer SoundWaves Concert Series. It was a beautiful night and the concert drew a pretty lively crowd.

These guys really know how to rock! They played a mix of classic dance rock cover songs. Lead singer Mick Marra demonstrated a powerful voice that was equally at ease belting out AC/DC or any of the several more contemporary hits on the set list. The crowd got involved and the show had fans of all ages screaming and dancing with their hands in the air. By the end they had a stage full of kids (I think one of the guitar amps actually got shut off when a kid stepped on a switchboard) and there were people wearing Never Enuff bumper stickers in all sorts of creative places (not sure that was the intent, but folks were sure having fun...) One of their last songs was entirely dedicated to teaching the rising generation the careful art and discipline of head banging!

Once again, I took too many photos, deleted most of them, and still ended up with a huge gallery of pics. I processed them all in one evening in LightRoom and was pretty happy with the results. Here's a link to the full gallery along with my favorite shots from the evening. Do you have a favorite?

Sunset Concert

Dave Siswick plays like he means it!

Jen Hebert - Rumor has it the band found her working in a restaurant wearing a guitar pick for a necklace...

Joe Goddard on drums

Tipsy hoopers daring me to take their picture...
Yeah, I dared.
"It's easier to hoop when I'm not drinking," he told me right after I snapped this.

Jami's Gorgeous Green Guitar

Head Bangin'

Jami Blackwood on guitar. Probably my favorite guitar picture to date.

Jami and Jen Over Cymbals

Mick Marra

Never Enuff

Jen on the Bass Guitar

Last One For this Post...
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A Fresh Crop of Photos

The way you choose to crop a photo can dramatically change its overall balance and feel. For me, a successful crop of a photo can sometimes take an otherwise boring picture and turn it into something noteworthy. Finding that right crop is often a process of trial and error for me.

I took this photo on at Bluff Point State Park the other day. While trying to find the best overall crop for the photo I came up with several different versions. Each is pleasing to me in its own way. I thought it might be interesting to demonstrate a little bit of my process and how I think about the pictures I decide to keep. I throw away a lot of pictures. However, there are some of them that I end up keeping in multiple different crops and treatments.

I often use my wife and kids as a sounding board when trying to find the ideal version of a photo. They are usually helpful and quite patient with me, however, my wife has on one occasion informed me that she has had enough of trying to choose between seemingly identical photos for a given evening!

As you look at these nearly identical shots, do you have a favorite?

1 - Here's the original photo, un-cropped.
This one fits the rule of thirds on the horizontal axis (the road vanishing point is kind of along the right third of the frame), but I thought I might improve it...

2 - I cropped it down to shift the horizon down to the lower third of the frame... I like the balance of this one. It makes me think about what's around that bend.

3 - Then I shifted the horizon up to the upper third of the frame... Both of these are interesting in their own way. This one puts more focus on the lines of shadow on the road. It's more about what's right in front of me than where I am going.

4 - Here's an 8X10 ratio with the focus still on the road.

5 - This 8X10 draws your eyes up into the trees a bit more as they follow around the curve in the road. Again, it's got me wanting to see whatever's around the bend.

6 - Flipping the 8X10 to a portrait layout yields a shot that might look good framed on a wall as a large print.

My Final Pick - After spending way too much time sampling all the above crops, I finally scrolled to the next photo in line (which I hadn't even looked at yet) and decided what I was really looking for was this un-cropped photo which I think may have a better over-all balance than all the others. Incidentally, I ended up cropping this several times, too, until they all started to look exactly the same to me... Sometimes it's just tough to decide!

Ultimately, I have to just make a decision with each photo and move on or I'd never get any of my pictures processed!
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Groton Long Point - B&W

Here are a few more filtered black and white conversions. It was cold with a brisk wind on the sound side of Groton Long Point this Saturday but there was calm water just a few hundred yards inland in the harbor.



The New London Ledge Light is visible on the horizon.

In contrast to the waves on the sound, the water in the harbor inlet was calm and glassy.

Looks like the winter wind has taken its toll on this flag.

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Groton Long Point Close-Ups

Spring is coming! After a jog in brisk cold wind at Haley Farm State Park I stopped in Groton Long Point and took a few pictures. These are a few close-ups that I found interesting.

I'm sure this flag spent most of the winter under a deep pile of snow.

Textured fungi.



Can you spot the man-made intrusion in this photo? I didn't until I had been looking at it for a few minutes in post-processing.
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