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BYU Idaho Dance Alliance

The BYU Idaho Dance Alliance team put on a charity performance (all proceeds from the dance concert went to support local charities) at the New London High School on July 27, my last Friday as a full-time resident of Connecticut. Since many people from ours and other local churches had worked tirelessly to bring this dance concert to fruition I was very hopeful that it would turn out well.

The dancers overcame stifling heat and humidity (NLHS didn't see fit to turn on their AC, to the detriment of the dancers and the audience) and still managed to put on an inspirational performance that was impressive in both its scope and quality. All in attendance were treated to a top-notch dance presentation the likes of which is rarely seen in this area.

Below I have posted a few of my favorite shots from the event, along with a link to a larger gallery. The lighting was pretty sparse, so I was quite pleased to pull even this much detail from the images. I've been shooting in RAW format for a few months now, which tends to allow me to crank more detail out of highlight and shadow areas, along with chewing up my open hard drive space...









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Sailfest Fireworks - 2012

This was my third time watching the Sailfest fireworks in four years. The previous times I've watched from the waterfront district of New London and I was so close to the action that I struggled to keep the larger bursts in the frame. This year we found an ideal position from which to watch down at Fort Trumbull. There was much more space, fewer people, and two tall ships in the foreground, including the USCGC Eagle, which all added up to a great experience for me and the family. I'm pretty happy with how these shots turned out. Do you have a favorite picture from this gallery?
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