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Oregon Zoo Visit

I had a couple of hours to kill in Portland this past Saturday afternoon so I made my first visit to the Oregon Zoo. Between the intermittent rain showers I photographed some of the more interesting animals (and people).

I've been to quite a few zoos, and this one ranks high on my list. I found the Great Northwest area of the zoo to be particularly impressive with its diverse animals, habitats, and forested layout. Maybe it was because of the lower temperatures or the on-again off-again rain, but many of the animals seemed particularly alert and active.

I probably only saw half of the exhibits on this visit so I'll be wanting to go back again soon. Although, during a particularly heavy rain shower I got to spend over 20 minutes inside the Elephant Museum; plenty of time to read each and every plaque within the display, some of them twice. So, I may not need to go back to that part of the zoo...

This bobcat was pacing its habitat

The two mountain lions were very active, stalking one another...

...and pouncing when the other least expected it.

This polar bear was snoozing until rain started falling more heavily.  I snapped this as the rain woke it up.  It soon moved out of the rain.

The damara zebra.  Not just black and white.

Reticulated giraffe

Train in the rain (and sunshine)

Rocky Mountain Goat

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Zoo Trip

In June we happened to be in Providence, RI so we decided to take another trip through the Roger Williams Park Zoo. It seemed there was more activity than normal among the furry, wrinkled and feathered denizens of the zoo. Seeing the juvenile elephant playing in the deep pool in his/her enclosure was one of the highlights. I had a difficult time picking my preferred pachyderm pics from the passel that I brought home. Do you have a favorite?

Watchin' the African Wild Dogs...

Watchin' the Tasty-Lookin' Kid in the Window...

The Always-Engaging West African Crowned Crane

African Elephants


Hot Tubbin'

The Deep End

Snow Leopard

Coolin' Off

Hey, does anyone know if it's alright to drink this?

Basking Harbor Seal
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Roger Williams Zoo Field Trip

At the beginning of June I got to accompany my kindergartener to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence, RI for her class field trip! We arrived about 25 minutes before her classmates' bus so we watched as one bus after another disgorged its passengers in a steady stream at the zoo entrance. The far parking lot was sea of yellow buses, so we knew we wouldn't be alone. Hundreds of roudy kids from schools all over the area jostled, pushed, shouted in anticipation of the day at the zoo.

It turned out to be a beautiful day!

Here is an assortment of things we saw at the zoo:




Weed Pulling

Bathing Beauties

Bathing Birdies


Snoozing Snow Leopard

Alert Red Panda

Dreaming Red Panda

Eagle Spotting

Giant Snapping Turtle

Noble Elephant

Dirt Throwin' Pachyderm


The Crane Who Thinks *HE* Is the One Watching the Exotic Animals Through the Glass

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