2014-04-05 - Green Sox vs. Eagles

Opening Day Photos of the CLL Majors Green Sox vs. Centennial Eagles.  Purchase prints here or view the highlights, below.

I love seeing the diamond dry, raked and painted for a game.

Opening Day 2014

The CLL Majors Green Sox season opener was a tough match-up against the Centennial Eagles.

Coaches and parents met at Riverside Park early to dry out the puddles which led to cancelled games all around the league. Remarkably, the field dried up nicely and the boys were able to play an entire game. I had my rain fly on my camera for over half the game as it drizzled off-an-on throughout 6 innings (you can see rain falling in a few of the shots).

The Eagles came out to an early and aggressive lead and going into the bottom of the 4th the lead 0-5. Finally, the Green Sox got a 4-run rally going to end the 4th. Some clutch defensive play held the Eagles to 5 runs through the 5th and with one more run we headed into the the 6th inning we tied 5-5!

The Green Sox held the Eagles run-less in the top of the 6th and tension mounted as the home team went up to bat.  Bases loaded, the batter was walked, resulting in a walk-off run-walked-in!

It was a great effort by both teams, and an auspicious beginning to a new season.

Never a dull moment in the CLL!

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The Eagles looked like they were headed for a dominating win leading by 5 runs at the top of the 4th.

Tied 5-5 at the top of the 6th.

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