Jake Egbert – From Under the Fedora

Jake has been taking pictures his whole life. And he’s been wearing his adventure fedora since 2001 when he received it as a gift from a co-worker and discovered it was the only hat his kids and wife didn’t think looked ridiculous upon his head!

Jake started shooting back in the film era as a skinny little kid with a Kodak Ektralite camera that shot cute rolls of 110 film. Over the years he advanced up through a series of better and better 35mm cameras but he couldn’t afford an SLR, lenses, or the film to really shoot seriously. That all changed in 2008 when Jake got his first big-boy camera, a Nikon D90 DSLR. It was love at first click! What had been a pleasant pastime quickly became an obsession. He met his DSLR in Michigan, permanently turned off “Auto Mode” in Connecticut in 2010 and has been relentlessly pursuing interesting light and composition in Oregon and the western US for the past six years. All these years later he still enjoys those long intimate sunset walks on the beach with only his DSLR… and tripod… and lenses… and filters… and remote triggers… <Sigh…>

Wait, sorry… Where were we? Oh yeah. Back to the bio we go!

Jake shoots all sorts of subject matter including, weddings, sporting events, concerts in seedy bars, portraits, glamour, street photography, real estate, etc. But landscape photography is his true passion. He believes most people can create good images if they really want to with nearly any camera, and that there is uniqueness to be found in even the most common or popular locations. Jake enjoys sharing photography skills and techniques with others, similarly afflicted with an addiction to sunrises and sunsets. He frequently teaches small workshops and hosts occasional photography classes online.

In an era where social media algorithms have all but killed Facebook and Instagram engagement for photographers, Jake continues to see slow but steady growth, primarily on Instagram. And every once in a while he even sells a print! He enjoys connecting with peers around the world. His personal brand of photography has become a small part of the tapestry of the PNW artistic community.

Now that your here, take a look around. If you enjoy the photos please leave a comment, share a pic online, purchase a print, or contact Jake to schedule a photo shoot!



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