2014-04-24 - Green Sox vs. Pirates

Photos of the CLL Majors Green Sox vs. CLL Majors Pirates.  Purchase prints here or view the highlights, below.

Beating the tag.

The Green Sox matched up with the Pirates for one of their toughest contests of the season.  Let me tell you, this was a challenging gallery to sort through for my favorite shots... There were just so many great  action sequences in this game!  If you want a bit of a play-by-play, keep reading. If not, skip ahead to the pictures.

The first three innings of this game were a defensive battle. The Pirates first batter scored before the Green Sox starting pitcher logged his third K to end the inning (Pirates 1, Green Sox 0). Then, in the bottom of the 1st the Green Sox lead off hitter scored before the Pirates defense could retire the side (Pirates 1, Green Sox 1).

Inning 2 saw three batters and three outs on each side.  The 3rd inning started with 3 Pirates come to the plate for three outs then the Green Sox sent only four batters to the plate before the Pirates retired the side again (still 1-1).

In the fourth inning things began to get interesting.  The Pirates pulled ahead by two runs and it looked like this might end up being one of the lower scoring games of the season... Salvione, the starting pitcher for the Green Sox finished the 4th with 7 K's, allowing only 3 runs... and then the Green Sox brought out their big-boy bats!

In the bottom of the 4th inning the Green Sox scored 7 runs to lead 8-3. Three runners reached the base on balls, the rest advanced on hits, errors, or steals. 

The Pirates would not go quietly, though. They opened up the 5th inning with a 5 run tear, helped significantly by an error-assisted triple. The bottom of the 5th began tied 8-8. The Green Sox were able to pile on 4 more runs before the Pirates defense shut them down, the time expiring with the fading light. 

Final score: Green Sox 12, Pirates 8.  I wish they could all be this entertaining to watch!

A few of my favorite shots are included in the gallery below. Or, you can purchase high quality prints or downloads from the big gallery at my store, here.

Pirates pitcher to 1st base for out number two of the 1st inning.

O. robbed of a run by a heads-up play by the catcher.

3 pitches, 3 strikes, one out.


Safe back at first!

Pitcher threw the runner out at 1st, 1st baseman got it to home just a bit too late to prevent a run, then the catcher rifled this one to third to get another out.

The batter was credited with a double but reached third on an error to start a seven-run Green Sox rally.


Relief pitcher in the 5th. In for 18 pitches.

The guy in blue keepin' the game going.

The closer.

Pitcher to 1st base for the easy out...

1st baseman launched it home to try and prevent O. from scoring.

O. barely beats the tag to put the Green Sox up by 2 runs.

Sunset on the diamond.