All images copyright Jake Egbert.

I specialize in portrait and event photography in Happy Valley and Portland, Oregon. I also enjoy landscape photography, travel photography, night photography, and a bit of street photography. What I shoot depends somewhat on where I am and what catches my eye at the time, not to mention what my full-time career and family responsibilities allow.

Ever since I begged my parents for my very first camera ( a sweet Kodak Ektralite that shot little rolls of 110 film) I've had a passion for making and sharing photographs of the world around me.  Over the years I've upgraded my camera equipment several times but at heart I'm still just the same kid experiencing a bit of a thrill every time I'm able to capture an image that speaks to me on some level deeper than simple pixels on a screen or colors on a print.

Now that your here, take a look around. If you enjoy the photos please leave a comment, share a pic online, purchase a print, or contact me to schedule a photo shoot!