HVES Auction 2014

The 2014 Pics are Here Now!

The proof gallery is up and ready to view and purchase (click here to go to the store front)

They say what happened at the auction stayed at the auction... Until now!  Choose from nearly 600 shots of the silent auction, dinner, live auction, and, of course, disco dancing! I tried to remove any really embarrassing shots (some of you know what I'm talking about...) but you'll have to judge for yourself just how effective my screening process was. ;)

The gallery shots were only batch edited at a high-pass. That means they are not really color and contrast corrected very well (600 shots, remember). Rest assured, if you choose to buy one of them it will be individually and professionally edited before the print is made. Wouldn't you love a 16X20 of yourself working those sideburns and moustache, or rocking that sequined jumper?! It would look great in a living room or den!

The night at Studio 54 was a smashing success, baby! There were sequins, sideburns, gold chains, polyester and metallic pant suits.  The silent auction was a beehive of activity and our MC and auctioneer kept things grooving during the main event. And of course, the evening ended with some good, old fashioned, disco dancing!

I'm sure I'll be posting a few more favorites here when I get a chance to edit them, so keep checking back if you want to see them.  Also, you can still check out and purchase prints from last year... 

Aaaaah! So many great photos to choose from this year... I'm not sure where to start!


Selfie poaching.

When you're don't looking at this year's photos you can check out a few of my favorite shots from last year, below. Or, if you wish to purchase prints from last year you can see all the pics at my store front, here.

HVES Auction 2013 -- Theme: Speakeasy