Subterranean Howl at Buffalo Gap

In concert January 31, 2014 in the Attic at Buffalo Gap.

Subterranean Howl performed in front of a standing-room-only crowd.

Subterranean Howl was the opening act for a trio of local bands. I showed up early hoping to stash a speedlight or two around the room to try for some more creative lighting... Unfortunately, the Attic was jam-packed with people before the bands began to set up due to an event of some kind.  There was no room to move around before or during the concert.  I spent the first half of the set feeling rather claustrophobic and trying not to be too obtrusive while attempting to get some decent angles on the photos I was making. Because there were so many people, the bands had crammed all their equipment into the corners and I found coats, music stands, and cases blocking nearly every approach that wasn't filled with concert-goers.

Boo-hoo, right? I wasn't enjoying the concert, I wasn't getting good photos, I wasn't paying attention to the music... I was just tripping over people every time I tried to move and lamenting the fact that I couldn't reach any of the little hiding places I had scoped out for my flash gear. About 20 minutes in I sort of slapped myself out of my funk and decided to make the most out of the angles I could actually reach. I put the flashes away, started listening to the music and feeling the groove, and I forced myself to "belong" there with my camera.  After all, I was there with the sanction of the band and they were hoping for at least a few good photos of the event.

So, with my attitude in check and the music flowing I began to get some shots that I was pretty happy with. Check out my favorites, below.

Simon and the his fellow howlers put on a great show. I guess Simon's voice was pretty thrashed due to recent illness, but it came through as adding some great gravel to the sound that I though was quite interesting. And by the end of the set some of the fans got into the action by leaving their seats and dancing in the open space that sort of existed right in front of the band.

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