Jake Egbert Photography Blog

The Photography Blog Begins

This blog will be dedicated to my photography hobby. I have been meaning to start a separate public site that I can use to showcase some of my work, and this is it.

In the past few weeks I have actually started taking a few pictures for other people! It has been a lot of fun shooting family portraits for a few friends and it has me thinking I might want to start a small photography business to, you know, support my hobby. For now I'll be working on the barter system. If I have some luck, I may eventually start selling some of my work.

I intend to share some highlights from my portrait shoots as well as some photography that I just plain find interesting.

I am anxious to learn more, so please, share your thoughts and comments with me. I am open to learning what you like about my photography and what you think could be done to improve it. That's what the comment section is for so please feel free to use it!

I'm planning to keep this blog public, so I won't be sharing much personal information here. That's what my other blog is for, and its limited to people I know a little better. If you know me and you want access to the family site please send me a note and we'll see what can be done.