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Scottish Highlanders

So, there was this time earlier in the year when I was in Utah and I took a bunch of pictures of some cows. They weren't just any cows, mind you. They were Scottish Highlanders! What's that, you're still not excited? Well that may be because you didn't have the same grandpa as I did. Grandpa used to raise cattle and the most infamous was a Scottish Highlander named Shadrack. She ruled the pasture with an angry eye, flared nostrils, large polished horns, and flowing locks of orange fire. In fact, she was about the color of the really "intimidating" heifer with the bagel on her horn pictured below.

Here are some of my favorite portraits from the cattle shoot, along with a link to a few more gems from this pasturial pictorial. Do you have a favorite?




I don't remember ever seeing a black Scottish Highlander in Grandpa's pasture...

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