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Rainy Day in VT/NH

The Quechee Gorge

The dominant theme of our day was rain. Rain. And more rain.

On the wildlife front, I did see a weasel running around in the woods from my hotel window, which was cool. We saw a porcupine waddling alongside the road yesterday, but we were disappointed not to see any moose or bear (there were signs warning to be on the lookout for both all over the place).

We we headed out into the rain to do some sightseeing. We looked into the Quechee Gorge and wandered down to the dam during the one break we got from the drizzle. Once we got to the dam, though, the rain picked up again and I had to stow the camera. We were planning to hike into the gorge, but decided against slogging the extra mile with the group.

We drove through Woodstock, VT, which is an honest-to-goodness postcard of a town. If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it. I was driving and it was still raining so the only pictures we brought back were shot from the back of the moving van.

We cut back through New Hampshire headed for Maine and saw miles of red-orange hills choked with clouds and mist. We saw Lake Winnipesaukee from the van and Tiffany rolled down the window and snapped a few shots.

It was a beautiful day, but it really didn't lend itself to photography. I hope we find Maine to be a bit drier tomorrow!

This spillway feeds the Quechee Gorge

I snapped this before the heavier rain started. This water made me long for a fly rod.

Lake Winnipesaukee from Center Harbor, NH
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