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Bradley Sunset

You never know when you'll see something spectacular. Of course sunsets happen every evening. I see lots of them on my drive home from work (at least when I leave work before dark, that is). They're all nice, but sometimes, just when the sun touches the horizon, the clouds just explode into a thousand tongues of brilliant flame. I always find myself wishing I had my camera in these moments, even though taking pictures while operating a vehicle is rarely a good idea.

On my last return trip from Portland I ended up stranded at the Bradley International Airport waiting for the shuttle to long-term parking. Over twenty minutes on the curb capped off a seemingly endless trip back from the West Coast with a long layover in Chicago. I saw at least three shuttles from each of the off-site parking services and there were no Bradley shuttles to be seen. No wonder the off-site parking business is booming in Hartford! By the time the missing shuttle, captained by a gnarl-fisted old man, finally arrived I was pretty frustrated. I settled in for the long bumpy ride to the outskirts of Mongolia where I hoped to find my little red Focus still waiting for me. I kind of forgot about my frustration when I looked out and saw this particular sunset. I just happened to have my camera with me. And I just happened to not be the one driving. So I shot a few frames as we lurched along before I lost sight of the sun behind the trees. They're a bit out of focus, but I still like them.

And, good news! The little red Focus was right where I left it and I was finally able to get back home to my favorite people!





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