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Art Show - Sill House, Lyme Academy

Note: When I originally posted this entry on Monday night I verified that the images uploaded correctly and that the automatic email worked. On Tuesday, however, I got feedback that the pictures were no longer visible online or in the emails. The Blogger forums indicate that many blog authors are seeing the same problem this week. Unfortunately, the fix the Blogger team listed didn't work for my posts so I am re-posting from scratch in the hopes that the uploads will stick this time! Thanks for your patience!

My daughter had a drawing on display at the 26th Annual Youth Art Show at the Lyme Academy College. Here is one set of sculptures by a friend of ours and a few other scenes that caught my attention.

Men of Snow

Light at the End of the Hallway

Sill House Chimney

Ivy Under the Sill

I've Seen Enough Art...