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Going, Going, Gone

So, Blogger has been broken for three weeks -- or, more accurately, the Blog This! feature from Picasa has been broken. The problem first manifest itself to me when two of my posts ended up showing up with blank pictures the next morning. It has taken a very long time for the Google team to "fix" the problem. I saw on the message board this evening that they have a fix in place and it appears that, at long last, the problem is, indeed, fixed! In addition, I can now post more than four photos directly from Picasa, which is a nice feature that should have been added long ago.

I posted these pictures as a 5-minute test. I didn't take time to sort, edit, or crop; rather, I just grabbed group of photos out of an old folder and hit Blog This!

These were taken from White Sand Beach on February 1, 2009. That was my first Sunday evening living in Connecticut. I had worked a grand total of one day at my new job in Groton. That's just over two years ago in human years (which converts to roughly 10 PCC years)! There are actually two lighthouses visible in these shots. In the first picture you can see the Saybrook Breakwater Light to the left of the sun. In the rest the Lynde Point Lighthouse is visible to the right.






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