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Kiteboarding - Conimicut State Park

April 25, 2009. One evening the first Spring we were living in New England we went in search of lighthouses and ended up at Conimicut Point Lighthouse near Warwick, RI. We were there at sunset and I noticed a young family playing around with what looked like the biggest kite I'd ever seen. I began taking pictures and eventually struck up a conversation with Jenne and Doug. It turns out they were practicing with the sail for their kiteboard set getting ready for summer, or maybe kitesurfing is a more accurate term. Regardless of what it's called they strap a huge kite to themselves, step on a board and let the wind propel them across the water. These two were just trying to learn to fly the kite on the sand. I even took a turn.

This little boy enjoyed watching the kite drag his mom across the sand.

Having a good laugh after the kite took another nose dive.

And she's off again.

Scenic backdrop


This is my favorite shot of the day

And here I am trying my luck at the kite. I was not very successful.