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May Day at Florence Griswold

This afternoon I noticed my daughter was scrapbooking photos from last summer. I was impressed with a few of them and since I didn't post them before, here they are.

Each Spring the Florence Griswold Museum has a Community Free Day on the first Saturday in May. This past year I took the kids to enjoy the art, to bask in the warm weather, and to partake liberally of the free ice cream!

This shot of the great tree leaning out over the river is the one that really caught my eye today. It's no wonder this was an artists' retreat.

You can tell that this kid was thrilled to be out in the sunshine.

The Rambles is a site specific stickwork sculpture.

Guests are encouraged to wander around and through the sculpture.

Outdoor portrait.

We found a fuzzy dead bee.

We took turns petting the fuzzy dead bee... Which led to problems that were later discussed in our private family blog here. If you happen to want access to the family blog and you don't already have it just let me know...