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Empty Sky: NJ Sept. 11th Memorial

In keeping with my recent New York posts I continue with another. I suspect there are a few more yet waiting to be published...

In September of this year I had the opportunity to visit the Empty Sky: New Jersey September 11th Memorial at Liberty State Park. I come back to this area often as I lived in New Jersey for two years back in the mid 1990's and several months of that time were spent right here in Jersey City. I came to love the view of the Manhattan skyline visible from nearly everywhere in the eastern part of the state. I am still not used to the absence of the towers.

I was not aware of this memorial's existence prior to my arrival at the park. I just wanted to look at the city skyline and to let a friend of mine see the Statue of Liberty for the first time. I like it, though. I'm sure I'll go back again, and likely more than once.

Reflecting on an empty sky where the towers once stood

1 World Trade Center or Freedom Tower as of September 2011

Beams from WTC

The two walls of the memorial are the same length as the base of the twin towers. The height of the walls reflects the proportion of the towers if they were lying on their sides.

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