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Wall St. - Occupied

Ok, I think this might do if for photo posts about New York City for a while... We'll see.

On the day I encountered the Occupy protesters in September I took a walk down Wall Street past the New York Stock Exchange, still not expecting the barricades or the police presence that brought foot traffic to a near gridlock condition. The protest movement was still pretty new and the atmosphere outside of the exchange was electric. There were hundreds of police officers in the area and the expectation of trouble was palpable. I didn't see anything that approached violence, but I sure heard a lot of the local business people complaining about the crowds, the barricades, and the police presence.

Near the end of the trading day the intersection in front of the NYSE was kept clear except for police officers and limousines

To keep the street clear, all foot traffic was barricaded down to the narrow sidewalks

More cops than traders

A couple of NYPD's finest texting to maintain their sanity while guarding the bull

Tourists still lined up for photos with the bull, they just had to reach over a fence to do it

Freedom Tower on Sept. 21, 2011

Compare the progress on the new tower's construction in this shot taken on December 16, 2011

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