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Wildlife of Mukilteo

A few weeks back I posted a gallery from my visit to Mukilteo, WA. Here are a few of my favorite wildlife shots from the album.  Same big photo album, just highlighting different pics.

Some kind of a wood duck

This cormorant dove hundreds of times and came up with fish nearly every time.  I'd call this a double crested cormorant based on the other pics I can find online.

This great blue heron just hung out right next to the ferry landing, not caring that I was wandering all over his (or her) beach

This seal made several appearances while I was there

Why settle for one fish, when you can have a whole beak full?

Feathers in the breeze

The seagulls and I could tell when the cormorant was going to surface.  The surface of the water began roiling with fish trying to swim away from the diving bird.  Good news for a hungry seagull!

This was a very mild mannered bulldog.  He didn't even eat the little Yorkshire terrier that came yipping at his heels.

Gulls everywhere

Sky on fire
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