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HVMS XC - Meet #3 Dragonslayer

I got to photograph my daughter's cross country meets this year.  It was a great chance to be outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather we enjoyed in Oregon this year.  Plus, it gave me another chance to practice sports photography. 

These shots are from Dragonslayer, the fourth meet of the year.  Dragonslayer is a much bigger event than the earlier meets with schools participating from all around the Portland area. Held at Overlook Park in Portland, the small course was crowded and lively as the runners wound around old trees, over hills and past soccer practices making three loops. By the end the faster runners had lapped many of the slower participants. We arrived just in time for the 7-8 grade race. 

Congratulations go out to the HVMS boys for the win!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the race. There are several options if you want to see more pics from this event just click on the links below:

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