The Lovely Lost at Buffalo Gap

In concert on January 31, 2014 at Buffalo Gap Saloon.  Here are my favorite pics from the event.

In concert January 31, 2014 in the Attic at Buffalo Gap.

The Lovely Lost: Ross Wilson (Bass), Jo Bewley (Vocals), Michael Collins (Guitar, Vocals)

The Lovely Lost: Ross Wilson (Bass), Jo Bewley (Vocals), Michael Collins (Guitar, Vocals)

I came to photograph Subterranean Howl in front of a (too) packed house. I stayed for the rest of the show and was very glad that I did! The Lovely Lost was the second of the three bands to perform at the Gap and they put on a fantastic show. I had never heard their music before and I found myself really enjoying their set. The combined vocals of Michael Collins and Jo Bewley had me hooked.

From a photographic standpoint the second band was better than the first for completely non-musical reasons.  First of all, as it got later, more people left, leaving me a lot more room to move around. Second, while the band was getting set up I stashed a remote flash on a Gorilla Pod in the rafters.  I hung it from one of the spots lights out in front to augment the house lights in some of my shots.  This allowed me to capture more of what was going on in the corners and on the back row where the drummer likes to hang out.  Near the end of the set, I put my flash on a big amp box directly to stage left and pointed it directly at the drummer. I still alternated between popping the flash and just shooting with the ambient light and a wide open aperture.

Check out my favorite shots, below. Or you can head over to my Facebook page to see even more pics in a 'Likeable/taggable' format by clicking here.

My remote flash hanging from the rafters in the upper right corner of this shot did a good job of lighting up the fans near the front.

The flash set up on the right side of the frame cast some light back into the drummer's back corner.  He's rockin' out back there! Matt Lauzon is listed as the drummer on their Facebook page...

Matt Shomphe on Guitar and sporting a Morrissey T-shirt.