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Sea School Beluga Day

One of the best things about preschool at the Sea School is that the students get to spend time with sea critters. My son has come home with stories about petting sting rays, sharks, sea stars, penguins, and now, belugas. Once each quarter the students get to watch the beluga caretakers run the big white sea mammals through their daily routines. The whales make lots of "interesting sounds" that elicit giggles from the preschoolers. They enjoy tummy rubs from the trainers, and of course they eat loads and loads of fish and squid (the whales, that is, most of the children flat out refuse to eat raw squid and the staff members generally avoid giving tummy rubs to students...) It is quite entertaining to see the kids' reactions when a large beluga invades their personal space, or to watch a child shush a squeaking whale.

Up close and personal with a whale 

Shhh!  You're making too much noise! 

Spray it, don't say it 

Saying hello 

Flukes up! 

Waving goodbye 

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