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Beluga Day 2

It's been a few weeks since I posted anything to the photo blog. This makes two Beluga Day posts in a row (here's the last one) but the events were actually a couple of months apart. You can certainly tell that this Beluga Day was warmer than the last one; no one was bundled up this time.

One of my favorite aspects about this Beluga Day was listening to a couple of older kids in the crowd jealously observing all the preschool kids right up next to the whales. "Mom...," one whined, "Why do all those little kids get to go in there? I want to go in there!" I'm kind of with the whiny kid, in some respects. At least I had the big lens to help me feel like I was up close to the whales.

Underwater view

This beluga waited expectantly for chow time like a big white puppy

A pesky seagull was intent on stealing a tasty fish from the steel bucket.  However, the trainer wasn't about to let this feathered filcher off with a free meal.

Feeding time!

Hands on the glass

Chillin' with whales


Ear-to-ear smile

Hold on to that rope!

Back to class we go!

See you next time!

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